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Because I’m a Texas-based writer and photographer, the subject-matter of my latest creative endeavor is near and dear: Texas high school homecoming mums.

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In addition to my own photography of this long-standing tradition, I’m creating several multi-media art pieces which will be exhibited in Fall 2019 at the Arlington Museum of Art (Arlington, TX). The collection — entitled MUMEMTUM: THE UPSIZING OF A TEXAS TRADITION — will explore all aspects of this deeply-rooted Texas high school tradition.

The collection will go beyond the sheer size and focus on the people who create, sell and wear (or don't wear) homecoming mums; the history of homecoming mums; how moms are the driving force behind the tradition; and where the tradition stands today. Whatever I learn is serving as inspiration for my funtastic Instagram feed and a future book.

Please help me reach my insane goals to:

1. Collect or take at least one photo of students wearing, making or exchanging their mums from every high school (over 3700!) in Texas. Any school, any decade.

2. Borrow 50+ actual mums to be lovingly displayed (and credited to you) in the exhibition at the Arlington Museum of Art. Mums must be available for display from Sept. 15 - Nov. 15, 2019 and will be carefully returned to you at the close of the show.

Can you help?



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Want your photo to be included in my Texas homecoming mum project? Along with your photo, include the first name of each person in the photo, the name of the high school(s) represented, the city of the high school(s), and the year the photo was taken and email it to txhocomum@gmail.com. Thank you!


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