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Building a lasting legacy

What do you want your legacy to be?*

In order to wrap my mind around the enormity of this question, I’ve had to face the reality that I don’t have any idea what my legacy will be.

As a photographer and a writer, I might want my work to intrigue, but instead it may uplift.

As a citizen, I might want my activism to revolutionize, but instead it may mend.

As a mentor, I might want my insights to teach, but instead they may embolden.

As a wife, I might want my admiration to persuade, but instead it may comfort.

As a friend, I might want my repartee to amuse, but instead it may galvanize.

It might underwhelm or it may overachieve. No matter. As long as I do what I do with sincerity, tenacity, resilience and love, the legacy will take care of itself.

Amy with Camera 2017

*This is the 11th of 11 questions posed to me and my fellow classmates in the Ft. Worth Portrait Project's 2017 Profiles of Leadership Program